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How To Buy A Motorcycle Helmet

A helmet is not an accessory, it a life saving gear. You must therefore spend considerable time in finding out how to buy a motorcycle helmet. Some of the points that you need to check are:

1. DOT Certification: The helmet that you buy must have a Department of Transportation certification. This is a guarantee that the helmet meets the basic safety requirements.

2. Retention: Do a roll off test before you buy a helmet. This test is simple. All that you need to do is to secure the straps, grab the rear lip of the helmet and try to roll it forward off your head. Don't stop if it hurts. A helmet should stay on your head at the moment of impact. If the helmet comes off, then don’t buy it. There is no point having a fractured head and an intact helmet lying a few feet away.

3. Fit: The fit decides the retention factor of a helmet. The fit should be snug and the helmet should stay stable. A full-face helmet should grip your cheeks and jaw as well as the top and sides of your head. When you move the helmet your skin must move as well.

4. Comfort: Comfort is a sum total of many things: the fit, the feel, the weight, the soundproofing. When trying on a helmet keep it on for at least 20 minutes. Then check to see what are the areas of discomfort.

5. Coverage: A full helmet is better than a half helmet and a full-face helmet (with a chin bar) gives more protection than an open-face style.

6. Face shield: If you are buying a helmet with a face shield go for Snell-certified helmets. The shield should be easy to operate and stay in position when raised. Also check for optical distortions. They can be dangerous.

7. Convenience features: Along with an extra shield and a quick-change face shield mechanism, a storage bag is a useful feature to look for. You can use it to carry helmets.

8. Comfort features: Vents, padded straps and, interchangeable padding shapes to fit your head shape are comfort features. But remember vents can cause wind noise and can also get damaged easily.

9. Appearance: Appearance is largely a personal choice. The only advantage that a florescent helmet has is that it will stand out more during the day.

10. Cost: Go for the helmet that meets all the criteria outlined above, even if it is cheaper than other helmets. Price is not always an absolute indicator of quality.

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Unique Motorcycle Helmets For You

Looking for a novelty motorcycle helmet can be very challenging. Such motorcycle helmets can usually be found on motorcycle helmet specialty shops that offer unique design choices for the discriminating rider.

Novelty motorcycle helmets provide a very attractive addition to a rider’s getup. Whenever you want to go for a ride, use a novelty motorcycle helmet to get yourself noticed. Such helmets can make you very popular among other avid motorcycle riders in no time.

There are many ways that you can have your own novelty motorcycle helmet. There are many shops that offer you a selection of novelty designs that you might find very attractive indeed. If this fails, you can always have one custom made for you. You can have a certain design for a helmet in your mind and you might want to have one. The best thing for you to get one is by having one custom made. That way, even your choice designs are made to your exact specifications, giving you a helmet that looks and also feels good on you.

Once you have your own novelty motorcycle helmet to use, you should be able to know how to take good care of it. Such motorcycle helmets may be tough and sturdy but they should be handled as a fragile item. In cleaning your helmet, try using only the mildest soap recommended.

Avoid using petroleum-based cleaning fluids and agents on your helmets as they can cause the protective layer of your helmet to decompose. Try not to drop your helmet on hard surfaces. A dent on your helmet would be enough to cause you discomfort when you wear it and its safety and protective properties may be compromised.

Do not store your novelty motorcycle helmet near gasoline, cleaning fluids, or in places with excessive exhaust fumes and heat. Materials that make up your motorcycle helmet may react chemically in such environments and may be invisible to the naked eye.

Read instructions carefully about painting or decorating your helmet. The material composition of your motorcycle helmet can change if painted or applied with decals. Try also to avoid hanging your motorcycle helmet on your side mirrors, turn handles or sissy bar. This can damage the inner liner of your helmet which can make it unusable after a short time.

Try to follow these tips to ensure that your novelty motorcycle helmet continues to provide you with the comfort and protection that it was designed for. Care and awareness is important in prolonging the life of your helmet.

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Motorcycle Helmets For The Youth

It is particularly important to be aware of motorcycle safety when it comes to the youth. You might have a child who likes to ride motorcycles. To ensure his safety, try to invest in a youth motorcycle helmet that provides good protective coverage and excellent retention to help lessen your worries.

Youth motorcycle helmet safety also involves proper fit and sizing. Every motorcycle helmet dealer should have an expert available to help you find a youth motorcycle helmet that perfectly shaped to your child's head.

In looking for the perfect fitting motorcycle helmet for your child, it is better that you should bring him with you when you do your helmet shopping. This way, you can have him determine for himself if such a helmet would be perfect for his own use. Here are some tips that would be able to help you find that motorcycle helmet with the perfect fit.

Let your kid try on several motorcycle helmets for at least five minutes to check for any bothersome areas. Have him look in the mirror to check for symmetry and ensure that the motorcycle helmet rests just above the eyebrows and to check for red marks after taking off the helmet.

The comfort liner of a motorcycle helmet can form to the shape of your head so the helmet typically becomes more comfortable over time and use. Be sure that you start with a good fitting helmet. You should also make sure that the helmet you choose has undergone anti-scratch and anti-fog treatments. In addition, make sure that the visor doesn't touch the helmet’s outer shell that can result in scratches or fuzzy vision areas on your visor.

When choosing a youth motorcycle helmet, remember that a lighter model may be more comfortable than its heavier counterpart, but is perhaps less equipped to ensure motorcycle safety. You must be able to strike up the perfect balance over both features to ensure that your child enjoys comfort while wearing the helmet along with the features to provide the protection that you look for.

After you have purchased a helmet for your child, try to be cautious and careful in storing them. Avoid placing them in a high or unsteady location where the helmet could come crashing to the ground. Avoid the risk of scratching or busting an expensive motorcycle helmet by taking very good care of it. Avoid placing the helmet on the motorcycle saddle or the side mirrors. Doing so can damage the interior padding which can make the helmet unusable over time.

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